A new experience in hospital management
and patient information delivery

A single view of your disparate hospital management systems with one-click access to management statistics
by patient, ward, speciality, department or the entire hospital operation.

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iHosp — a new experience

iHosp delivers an overview of the huge volumes of data collected through existing hospital management systems.  In just a couple of clicks clinicians, allied health professions and hospital management can access, track and compare patient records, clinical information, departmental performance aggregated and presented from all relevant hospital patient management systems. Clinicians get a personalised overview of patient data relevant to their specialisation in a one page summary, saving 10s of minutes of preparation for each patient consultation.

Hospital performance

Hospital managers can manage their patient-flow throughout the hospital and browse easily through real-time performance-data from various departments, taking a view by Ward, Speciality, Department or other management layers. Easily find and track why that one part of the hospital organisation is performing more efficiently than another.

Patient safety

For patient safety and professional integrity it's important for a clinician or allied health professional to easily find relevant historical treatment records about their patient. Whether this data resides in the Emergency Department system, the Oncology patient system or the central hospital Patient Management System all medical data for a patient is cross-matched and presented in a personalised view that highlights the most relevant information for the clinician’s specialisation.

Easy and Fast

Everybody knows how frustrating it can be to click through multiple different bulky patient record systems to find out something very simple. We present a new experience in delivering the right data within just a few mouse clicks.

Research driven

Years of research between the PRaDA team at Deakin University and the leadership team and daily practitioners at Barwon Health has led to the creation of iHosp. With a lean and agile development methodology driven by customer requirements the end product has been put through years of testing to deliver a new experience to front line and management staff in the hospital context.

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